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The Irresistable Allure of the Modern Lady

Throughout the ages, men have been in awe of women (in many ways, that awe was one reason they often tried to control women) and their differences.  Women, after all, could bring forth life, they bled every month without harm, they could nurture through breastfeeding…women were a mystery and a miracle to men. 

Today, a lot of this allure has been lost.  There is often no mystery left for men to solve.  There is no longer ‘unexplored country’ for them to discover. By letting it all ‘hang out’, women are destroying the mystery that is part of their tantalizing charm. They act like men, swear like men, compulsively share every thought and try to be best friends with their partners.  But is this a good idea?

In France, French women have a saying: ‘silence is sexy’.  They understand that you don’t have to compulsively share every thought, feeling and mundane activity with men.  Leave them wanting more, is their motto! 

Women today tend to confuse intimacy with familiarity.  Your man does not need to know every little detail about you!  They don’t need to know every detail of every romance you ever had, they don’t need to know what brand of tampon you buy, they don’t need to know what brand of toilet cleaner you prefer and they don't need to see you pee.  Oversharing kills the mystery and does nothing to build intimacy.  Intimacy comes from sharing feelings and inner thoughts, not from prattling on about inanities!  

How To Be Alluring
  1. First and foremost, be a lady.  An alluring woman is confident in her femininity and does not feel the need to draw attention to herself through outrageous behaviour.   So resist the urge to drink till you throw up.  If you don't feel like you know where to start, go to a finishing school or read more here.
  2. Be interesting.  An alluring woman knows that she has something to say because she is widely read and interested in the world around her.
  3. Don't confuse familiarity and intimacy.  An alluring woman shares but does not prattle.  She prefers to have privacy and space, instead of sharing every aspect of her life with a man.
  4. Develop your own style.  An alluring woman has her own style because she knows who she really is and how she wants to portray herself to the world.
  5. Learn about etiquette.  When you have mastered social etiquette, you can relax and shine in any social situation.
  6. Be interested in other people.  An alluring woman is interested in the opinions of others.  She encourages them to talk by listening attentively and asking questions.
  7. Don't try to change men.  An alluring woman allows a man to be a man and is accepting of his differences, flaws and opinions.  She understands that a man is a welcome addition to a fulfilling life, not a necessity.
  8. Have a life.  An alluring woman has a fulfilling life.  She surrounds herself with friends and family, hobbies and interests, books and courses, and of course, love.

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The Charm of the Feminine Woman

Over the last century, women have fought for –and won - the right to be equal with men but somewhere along the way, they have come to think that equality means acting like men. 

Today, girls dress like boys, act like boys, try to keep up with them in terms of drinking, swearing and provocative behavior.  You only have to turn on the tv to see images of girls cavorting in pubs, drinking in abandon, flashing their breasts and throwing up.  Walk around the shops and you see girls swearing, mirroring masculine stances and walk, wearing clothes that are anything but feminine and showing a complete lack of manners. 

Presumably, they think that men are impressed by their ability to keep up with them.  However, men are not interested in marrying or falling in love with a female version of themselves.  It is in all the ways that women are different from men that appeals  – their softness, their femininity, their different way of thinking and viewing life and, of course, their feminine appearance. 

Men, by nature, are hunters and protectors and are, therefore, instinctively attracted to women who bring out these natural qualities. It may not be a conscious decision but they will automatically gravitate to those women who are feminine.  Women who are bawdy and aggressive may appeal in the short term but for the majority of men, will not be what they want in a wife or the mother of their children.

The Lost Arts
Too many modern women have forgotten how to be feminine, how to be graceful and elegant- how to be ladies, in fact.  These are considered old fashioned arts now and are quickly being lost from our culture.

Yet the concepts of femininity and masculinity have not changed in 3000 years because their roots lie in our basic genetic makeup. Although these concepts may look slightly different from culture to culture, they all share some common defining aspects.  Masculine men are seen as strong, brave, protective and good providers while feminine women are seen as tender, nurturing, soft, kind and family oriented.  Of course, in our modern world, it is perfectly acceptable for men to display some of the feminine qualities and for women to demonstrate some of those masculine qualities. 

However, it is becoming increasingly common to see young women who seem to be determined to squash any sign of femininity.  This may be because they perceive femininity as weakness or because they think they must behave like men in order to be seen as strong.  This manifests itself in several ways – provocative dressing, sexual aggression, loose disguising clothes, talking and acting like ‘one of the boys’.

The irony is that being a lady and tapping into your feminine qualities actually makes you more powerful!  Being a lady means having respect for yourself and insisting that others treat you with respect.  As Dr Phil always says, you teach others how to treat you.  If you don’t require much of the men around you, then you won’t get much!  If however, you demonstrate that you believe you are worth their respect and the investment of their time, they will believe it too.  

A lady has the confidence that comes from knowing that she is always presenting herself in her best light.  A lady shines because she is not feeling self conscious and awkward and is thus free to let her personality show.  A lady has an advantage over other women because she treats others with respect and expects to be shown the same respect.  A lady attracts the attention of every man in the room, regardless of her beauty or lack thereof, because she has confidence and natural charm, and the ability to make other people feel special.

Before you sneer at this old fashioned concept, consider what being a lady means.  The formal definition is ‘a well mannered and considerate woman with high standards’.  What aspect of this statement is old fashioned?  Having manners and being considerate means behaving in a way that makes other people feel comfortable around you.  Having high standards means having respect for yourself. 

This long lost art is making a comeback today.  Women are slowly realizing that being a lady is a much needed quality today.  It gives them an advantage in relationships, in the workplace and inner confidence within themselves.  They are also realizing that being a lady – and expecting men to treat them as such – does not mean that they are not equal.  Instead, it declares to the world that they are proud to be a woman and that they revel in the unique qualities that make them a woman.  

What Can You Do to be More Feminine?
1) Find yourself a feminine role model that you admire, such as Princess Mary, Beyonce or maybe your mother.  Everytime you are about to do or say something that might be unfeminine, stop and ask yourself if it is something that person would be.
2) Get a book on etiquette from the library and start practising the lessons in it.  The more confident you are in your ability to handle a situation with grace, the more confident in your femininity you will be.
3) Consider going to a finishing school to learn how to be a lady.  This will not only give you the skills you need to be a lady but it will allow you to practise those skills.
4) Find someone you consider to be feminine and get them to help you do a makeover.  If you look and feel feminine, you are less likely to behave in a way that contradicts it.
5) Avoid situations that you know tempt you into poor behaviour, such as the pub or nightclub scene.  At least until you are secure in your new image.
6) Create a vision board with images of the woman you want to be.  Clothes, confidence, a good man, a good career - list all the things that will come with the new you.
7) Start each morning with a short visualisation of the woman you want to be.  Imagine how you will handle the various situations you might encounter today.  Imagine yourself behaving with humour, manners, confidence, generosity, etc.
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Online Dating Etiquette
Online dating has its own set of rules to navigate.  It allows you to get to know someone through emails for a while before meeting face to face.  Here are some points to consider:
1.    Stay safe. Never provide your address or phone details. Set up a separate email address for your online dating.
2.    Be honest about yourself.  If you are sincere in your search for a mate, it will show in your emails and profile.
3.    Always be polite. Remember your manners.  You may not have a face to the name but these are still people with feelings.
4.    End the relationship politely whether you have met or not. It is considered okay to end a casual relationship via email but if you have actually dated for a while, give them the courtesy of a call.
5.    Use a reputable dating site that makes you feel comfortable and safe.  You need to know your details will be protected and that bad behaviour will not be tolerated.
6.    Use a respectable online name.  It might be tempting to call yourself ‘Hottotrot’ but if you are looking for a decent man, don’t have a callsign that is likely to attract men who are only interested in your physical attributes.
7.     Put a recent flattering photo of you up.  You don’t want your date to feel deceived by how different you look from your photo.
8.    Keep emails light and fun. This is not the place to reveal personal details about yourself.  If you feel that you have a connection, get on the phone.
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Texting Etiquette when Dating

Texting adds a new dimension to the dating game. It allows you to establish a connection even before you’ve been on a date, it can deepen intimacy while you are dating and it allows you to flirt and add more fun to your relationship. However, there are also traps for the unwary. Here are some things to look out for.

  1. Always be conscious that texting is a public medium, so don’t text or send anything that you don’t want to get out there. If you send a risque photo of yourself, be prepared for the possibility that it might end up in the wrong hands. 
  2. Don’t accept a date via a text. If a man is not interested enough to pick up a phone or seek you out, then he is not worth your time and effort.
  3. Don’t overabbreviate. It is irritating for the receiver to have to guess or interpret your message. It is okay to use commonly used abbreviations but otherwise, make the effort to spell out the message.  Your date/boyfriend will feel that they are worth your time and effort.
  4. It is okay to flirt but don’t be risqué or vulgar. You want to intrigue your date, not raise false expectations or perceptions of you.
  5. Be careful with making jokes. Without the tone and expression that comes with face to face communication, it is easy for a joking comment to be taken the wrong way when texted.
  6. It is okay to exchange texts before a first date. Keep it light and fun. Find out a bit about them and their interests so you have something to talk about when you meet.
  7. Don’t get into a fight via texting.If you take offence at something they’ve texted, pick up the phone to sort it out.
  8. Don’t break up or cancel a date via texting. That is just bad manners. You owe them the courtesy of a personal conversation, whether face to face or by phone. It may be easier to text but think about how you would feel if someone treated you that casually.
  9. Don’t text straight after a date. That just seems a little too overeager or desperate. Give it a few hours or even a day.
  10. Don’t let texting be your main form of communication. Pick up the phone!Texting is fun and useful but can never be a substitute for real conversation.

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Dating Rules for Women

Rules of Engagement
Dating is like a dance. You have to know the steps or you’ll look like an idiot and/or fall flat on your face! Courtship is basically a mating ritual in which we seek to determine if we have found a compatible mate. Women and men move forward and dance back, tempt and tease, intrigue and excite, divert and confound. Women who don’t understand the rules of this dance reduce their chances of finding their perfect mate.

The first thing to remember is that the rules of social etiquette apply just as much in dating and relationships as in any other arena. Be polite, interested and interesting, elegant and a class act. This will give you a headstart in the dating arena because you will be more alluring and charming than most women men meet today. It will also give you the confidence to present yourself at your best.

1. Dress appropriately. Whether you are going to the movies or an expensive dinner, dress to reflect the best version of you. Always err on the side of modesty. Men have a great imagination and like to picture what you look like under your clothes - so leave something for them to imagine!
2. Always be fresh and clean. Any sign of poor personal hygiene is a real turnoff, for men and women. Bathe thoroughly every day, apply fresh make-up, wear fresh clothes, shave regularly, trim your nails and hair, and brush your teeth every day.
3. Remember your manners. A woman who is at ease in the boardroom, the beach or a restaurant is attractive because she knows how to handle herself and doesn’t embarrass the people around her. Practise your etiquette lessons until you are completely comfortable. Be a class act, girls. Men may laugh and cheer on your swearing, flashing and drunken antics but they are also crossing you off the list of possible life mates.
4. Show interest in the person you are with. Ask them questions about their work, hobbies, opinions; share your opinions and observations; and really listen to what your date is saying.
5. Be interesting. Develop your inner world so that you have a lot to talk about. Read a variety of material (not just women’s magazines), have a few hobbies, attend free seminars – there are many ways you can expand your knowledge easily. Have an opinion - modern men want a woman who knows her own mind.
6. Don’t talk about previous relationships. It is a no-win situation. Bagging a previous boyfriend makes you appear critical while praising them may make your date question whether you are over said boyfriend. Also, I have been told by men that hearing women talk about how great their old boyfriends are, makes them feel very insecure and wonder if they can live up to her expectations. So just don’t talk about old boyfriends, full stop.
7. Don’t drink much. You need to know what you are saying and doing at all times, and getting tipsy or roaring drunk is likely to lead to you doing or saying something you will regret. So keep it to one or two glasses. Remember, you want to present the best version of you and if you are falling down drunk, the version you will be presenting to your date will be less than flattering.
8. Take things slow. On TV and movies, couples jump into bed on the first date but that is because they’ve only got two hours to tell the story! You, on the other hand, have a lifetime. Take the time to find out if your date is a good match before you take it to the next level. Just as importantly, men need time to see past your external attractions and fall in love with the woman inside. Give them time to discover how amazing you are before you have sex with them.
9. Allow men to chase you. Men may be more civilised now but the hunting instinct is still there just below the surface. Allow them to pursue you. They will appreciate you all the more for it. Some women think that such behaviour is manipulative but, in truth, you are just filling a basic need in men. They want the chase and they value the prize all the more if it is hard-won. This does not mean being dishonest, cold or cruel. It means letting him know that you are interested but that you need convincing that he is a good match. Let him do the calling, make the dates, woo you with flowers; don’t be available all the time – after all, you already have a great life. Above all, have some fun with the game of love!
10. Keep a little mystery. Mystery is part of a woman’s allure so don’t be in such a rush to reveal everything about yourself. The rule is - 'If he doesn’t need to know, he doesn’t need to know'! That doesn’t mean you should lie to him, just don’t offer too much information. Does he really need to know how many times you’ve had your heart broken or when you first had sex? Does he really need to know about your eczema or IBS? This should extend to all areas of your life. Your date/boyfriend doesn’t need to know the nitty-gritty of how you got to be so wonderful – he doesn’t need to see you applying your make-up, shaving your legs, scrubbing floors and he definitely doesn’t need to see you pee in front of him. Don’t confuse intimacy with familiarity, girls.
11. Don’t be a stalker. After a date, do not ring, text, or email him constantly. If he is interested, he will get in touch with you. If you must contact him, leave one casual message and that’s all. Any more calls, and you run the risk of sounding desperate – not an attractive quality.
12. Relax. Maybe this will be the love of your life, maybe not. The point of dating is to have fun while you are meeting new people on your journey of love. So relax and enjoy! Learn to laugh and see the humour in awkward situations. Not only will you enjoy yourself more, but a girl who can laugh at life is infinitely appealing.
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Importance of Teaching Our Sons To Dance

Lords of the Dance
Introducing Boys to Dancing

I want my daughters to know that if they have any sons, they should make teaching them to dance as much a priority as teaching them manners! Why? Firstly, dancing gives boys much confidence and secondly, because every girlfriend and his wife will thank her forever more! Women love to dance. I have yet to meet a woman who doesn't mourn the fact that her partner can't and thus, won't dance. The few I have met who have a partner who can dance are disgustingly smug about it - and I can't say I begrudge them, LOL.

While girls today continue to gravitate to dance from a young age, many boys avoid dance because of the modern perception that it is a feminine activity. Boys are instead encouraged to focus on sports as an outlet for their energies. The irony is that dancing can be even more physically and mentally demanding than football or basketball!

The Benefits of Dance for Boys

It is important to change this perception as boys are missing out on valuable skills.
1) Dance allows boys an important outlet for expressing their emotions in a safe way. Just watch Billy Elliott to see how dancing allows boys to express their emotions in a constructive way!

2) It teaches them control of their body. Dancing teaches boys to be aware of their bodies and how it moves. “Dancers learn to use their brains as well as their feet,” Says Owen Oxley, local dance instructor and owner of Oxley Dance Studios. “which is something a lot of boys can’t do, because multi-skilling is not a skill that comes naturally to them.”

3) It increases their self esteem and confidence. Mastering increasingly complicated dance steps boosts their belief in themselves, and they become more confident in their ability to master any new skill. “Their self confidence increases because they learn to know their own body and start to feel good about themselves.” Says Warren Jerome, President of the Cairns Rock ‘n’ Roll Club.

4) It teaches boys respect for other people. Dancing requires a person to show courtesy and consideration towards other people, or they won’t want to dance with them again!

5) Studies show it has many health benefits, such as improving body image, attentiveness, and communication skills. Dancing also reduces stress, fear and anxiety.

6) For older boys, dance is a wonderful way for to connect with girls in a safe and unthreatening way. This is an opportunity often missed today because boys are afraid of looking ridiculous in front of girls. This could be eliminated with a few simple dance lessons.

7) A teen boy who is a confident dancer has a social advantage over his less confident and able peers. While young boys may not appreciate dance in quite the same way as girls, the advantages of being able to dance will suddenly become clear when they are teenagers! Girls of all ages love to dance and appreciate a boy who is at least confident enough to get on the dance floor. This is a skill which will stand him in good stead for the rest of his life. “Boys quickly learn that a lad who knows how to dance can get any girl in the room onto the dance floor!” Says Mr Oxley.

Dance Opportunities for Boys
There are many different forms of dance available to interest boys, such as Funk, Hip Hop, Rock ‘n Roll and Ballroom. The energetic kicks, flips and spins of the Dance-Rock-n-Roll-Boogie Club (DRRB) appeal to a lot of boys, with at least 50% of the classes being made up by boys. “It is such an energetic activity that boys who are sporting often make the best dancers!” Laughs Mr Jerome of the DRRB Club. Ballroom dancing has also proved to be a perennial favourite. The owner of Oxley Dance Studios, Owen Oxley, notes that his ballroom dancing classes have enjoyed a 50/50 mix of boys and girls for over 15 years. “While boys often get self conscious about dance at some stage during their teen years and leave for a while, they invariably come back within a year!”

While sport will always be a major part of our boys’ lives, we should also encourage them to enjoy the many creative, social and emotional joys of dance. Giving our sons a love of dance –and the confidence to enjoy it- is a gift that will last them a lifetime.
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Friday, August 21, 2009

5 Essentials to Keep Your Relationship Fresh

Here is an interesting article I found at Ezinearticles.com.

Relationship Help - 5 Essentials to Keep Your Relationship Fresh
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Richard_Nicastro]Richard Nicastro

Anyone who is married or in a long-term committed relationship comes to realize that at some point there is a danger of falling into a lifeless routine. The vast number of marriage advice and relationship help books is a clear indication that couples are eagerly searching for ways to head off relationship problems and keep their relationship running on all cylinders.

Are marriage problems and painful relationship issues always inevitable?

Absolutely not-there are steps you can take today to prevent marital problems from taking hold and these steps can also help improve an already strong relationship.

Relationship help: 5 steps to a stronger relationship

1. Don't let frustrations mount

Fact: You're going to get frustrated with your spouse/partner from time to time-- you're only human, after all.

Trap to avoid: Too many couples let frustrations mount without clearing the air and addressing important issues. Unresolved issues have the tendency to fester and lead to bigger relationship problems-don't put your head in the sand and assume your marriage or relationship will take care of itself.

2. Validate each other

Fact: As your life becomes more and more hectic, it's easy to overlook each other.

Trap to avoid: Becoming temporarily preoccupied with competing commitments is one thing, taking the most important person in your life for granted is an entirely different ball game. Make an effort to check in with one another each day. Share the little things with your partner like you used to (when you first fell in love).

3. Don't let the negatives outweigh the positives

Fact: Conflicts and negative relationship patterns have a way of spiraling out of control if left unchecked

Trap to avoid: Research shows that for your relationship to remain healthy, there must be a greater number of positive interactions between you and your partner than negative ones. Make an effort to acknowledge and highlight any positives that occur between each other-and heap on the gratitude for the little things your partner does for you each day.

4. Make the effort to break up lifeless routines

Fact: Your relationship will fall into predictable patterns and routines.

Trap to avoid: Routines aren't inherently troublesome; in fact, many couples take comfort in their routines. However, continuously feeling bored and unenthusiastic about the time you spend together is a concern. If this is the case, the routines that once brought you comfort may be squeezing the life out of your marriage or relationship. You and your partner need to periodically infuse novelty into the relationship-stir things up by trying something new and exciting.

5. Find balance in your life

Fact: Taking care of yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually will help you be a better spouse/partner.

Trap to avoid: There are many different forms of self-neglect (working too much, repeatedly ignoring signs that you're not feeling well, consuming too much alcohol, not getting enough sleep...) that will adversely impact your ability to be a present, reliable and responsive spouse/partner. If you stop taking care of yourself, there will always be negative fallout for the people around you, especially the people who love you. Commit to taking care of yourself so you have the emotional reserves for yourself and the important people in your life.

If the idea of implementing all of these steps into your relationship feels too daunting, pick one or two and stay with them. Each one can make a positive impact on your relationship. And if your spouse/partner is open to it, share this list and make a mutual plan to incorporate these ideas into your daily lives.

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Richard Nicastro, Ph.D. is a psychologist and relationship coach with fifteen years experience helping individuals and couples live more fulfilling lives.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Richard_Nicastro http://EzineArticles.com/?Relationship-Help---5-Essentials-to-Keep-Your-Relationship-Fresh&id=2781792
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